“ Now rewind your life by a minute, when I asked this question, were you excited? Curious? Thrilled that you’d learn something new? Anyone? No. You all got into a frantic race. What’s the use of such methods, even if you come first. Will your knowledge increase? No, just the pressure. This is a college, not a pressure cooker. Even a circus lion learns to sit on a chair in fear of the whip. But you call such a lion ‘well trained’, not ‘well educated’.”

 “ We’ll study all our heart, but not just for grades. To quote a Wise One- Study to be accomplished, not affluent. Follow excellence. And success will chase you, pants down.” 

 “…..Follow your passion……. Follow your talent. If Michael Jackson’s dad forced him to be boxer and Mohammad Ali’s dad pushed him to be a singer, imagine the disaster.”            

“…..Scared of future. With such fear of tomorrow, how’ll you live today? How’ll you focus on studies?”

“ For once, dump your fears…or someday, on your deathbed, you’ll regret it…With just a little courage, you could’ve turned your life around.”

“ Make your passion your profession. Then work will become play.” 


      这部戏 《3 Idiots》, 我花了两小时四十四分才看完。这是一部很有意义和值得我在这推荐的一部戏。我能够接触这部戏,多亏这位朋友,是他在ILMU  PENDIDIKAN 的一堂课里,应用了这部戏的一小部分来讲说相关的内容。这是一部印度戏,我本身是鲜少会看印族同胞的戏,但这次却因为被部分的片断吸引,所以才会看。看了过后,在当中领悟很多。




         This movie "3 Idiots", I spent two hours and forty four minutes to finish watching it. This is a very meaningful and worthwhile I recommend it. I thanks to him, my friend who was access some part of this movie meanwhile in his ILMU PENDIDIKAN lesson. This is an Indian movie, I was seldom to look for any Indians movie before, but some part seems attracted, so I decided to watch it. After watched it, I learned a lot from that movie.

         Learning itself is a very happy thing. Let’s ask ourselves, all along, for what we have to learn? We have always felt the pressure for our reading, and our head will have pain while just thinking any test is going on. As long as we flip through the book, we will feel sick because the crowded words as if to nibble us. The book became an assistant even hypnosis, as long as we turning few pages, we can sleep well. In this way, we have yet to enjoy the real happiness of learning. I am no exception. Morning, I will stay on bed, because my heart is not ready to go to school, I have not driven by passion, but dragged my body to a passive class. So that, all in the mind to be a fence across the door for what my lecturer had said because, not me voluntarily to learn it.

         It turned out that the learning needs of initiative. Only someone willing to learn can learn to be learned. Those who did not hesitate to study with a whole night, hesitate to spend money to buy to read the book, with his strength to complete a large project, as long as  willing and happy to be able to find in the study. As for me, as long as I am interested in a book, I can whole person into the story, immersed myself in the story's plot. What’s time now is not important , delicious on the table it does not matter, once I would like to share understanding of the passion story is still the case, I will continue to stay in the book.

         While we all graduated, but there is no realm of learning. Not only have to learn in school into the existence of the class. In fact, we are learning all the time, just not the same way. I recommend this movie, just hope that through this movie, we can understand more the truth of learning. Everybody let’s enjoy it~


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