A bright sky coming again! I stretched and know today will be a busy day. Before I going out with adequate protein, I had eaten a breakfast which made by egg. I like go out by bus, because bus will bring a short view of blue sea for me. Today, sea look so blue and has a huge tanker, it seems as a draw.

For my practical position, I still become navigator stand at familiar front desk with a familiar smile to each customer. My happiness soon disturb by somebody. Some customer like bring his or her bad feeling when coming to bank. When I asking more than two sentences, they seem want scold me. My heart feels out of sorts if meet such person. But such bad feeling just stand a while. It is unworthy to hold it as they are not qualified to deprive my happiness.  However, today is amazing after an unexpected meet of grace’s mother and her sister. They ask the help for posting money through machine because they are no idea how it used. Therefore, I offer myself to help. When taking the account number from them, I just discover the receiver is Grace. In continues asking some question, I can sure that is the one that I know.  Wah, Sandakan actually so small. 

At here, no Multibake, no Southern, but there is a fat miao cake house near my working place. The breads selling here are very cheap. Some bread just cost RM1. I ate chocolate bread, nice taste. Besides, Sandakan is an extremely hot place. When going out having lunch, I seem cooked by sun.

Finally I can back home. I like back home in time. Because I will go down at bus stop which opposite a secondary. At this time, they are after school. So at this time I can see them swarm around pushing and shouting cross the bridge. It recalls back when I am in secondary school. I miss that time go out with crowd friends with talking. I like the innocence time. I miss the days with school bus. When I arrive, I not directly calls my friend mum go out fetch me back. I usually spend some time stand at there enjoy their happiness. It brings back the feeling that how much I miss it.

I like wander and I know it just can be by a person. Therefore why I am here seems practiced my ability of adaption. However, crash appears sometime. I can feel just me alone here finish things by self. Feel tired on it. At this time, words become my solely friend. I had felt sad on unable online. If my laptop got any problem, I cannot promise that I will be wisely. May be I put a high mark for my independence. 

Anyway, I hope I can grow mature in this foreign land.     



这里,没有MULTIBAKE 也没有SOUTHERN,在工作附近有间肥猫饼屋。里头的面包,都很便宜。一个一块。吃了一个巧克力的。味道不错。这里,很炎热。出去打包时,觉得自己快要被煮熟了。




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